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please share with friends

There are trillions of things to do, to succeed in the app-market. One is to inspire people to help grow the installed base.
Here´s a short film explaining IdeaSwipe in 99 seconds!
We hope it will help you inspire people to join YOUR Idea Crowd and turn YOUR ideas into great solutions.

Please feel free to share it as often as you like.



Here´s the link to the swedish version IdeaSwipe på 99 sekunder
Here´s the link to the english version  IdeaSwipe in 99 seconds

We have been really successful attracting large organizations to test the application to crowd source ideas, on a large scale. That includes members of a community, potential customers, local citizens and other loosely connected groups that share only a common interest. That is really encouraging. And it´s free of charge. We are happy to make this contribution to collaboration cross culture, age, gender and location.

The journey goes on. Thanks for joining it.

your IdeaSwipe Team