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We are Global!

Well not really, but we do have users on all continents now. That’s cool.

  1. The Android version is in progress and just a few weeks away, well keep you posted
  2. We have our first review http://feedmyapp.com/review/innovative-generation-starts-here/
  1. Initial social innovation challenge

Next month we plan to roll out a social innovation challenge just to see how it works with hundreds of contributors. We have some candidates for challenges but we are still open for suggestions from you guys, hit us with your ideas

Upon request

People have asked for new creative tools, in addition to the idea cards available today. So we plan to add another deck of cards for you to use to trigger new thoughts and ideas. Keep you posted.

Great response

We increased the no of users of the Idea Cards by 250% during the campaign. It probably means that it’s
a welcomed feature of IdeaSwipe.

Thanks for using the cards and being creative with IdeaSwipe.