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Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

We are soon 1000 users of the IdeaSwipe application, in just 3,5 weeks.
We are overwhelmed by your engagement and support.

Some of you have taken your time not only to give us feedback on pro´s & con´s
with the App (of course there are things to improve) But you have also shared How
you use it and the success you have encountered. Once again thanks.

As a small benefit for you early adopters we like to pay back by:
cutting the price for The Idea Trigger Cards by 100% until February 21:st

The Idea Cards you use to trigger New thoughts à New ideas à New solutions.
The pack contains 70 different cards (only 7 in the free version of the app) so you will never be bored again.

For all you guys having friends running on the Android platform, it´s on its way.

We wish you a creative week and don’t miss out on getting the Idea Trigger Cards FREE OF CHARGE

 PS there is a simple Getting Started film on the site ds