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The Packaging of Tomorrow Challenge touches upon the way in which products are being packaged and how this will be effected by different trends. On June 1:st we will be running workshops related to three of these trends, with a special focus on food packing.

  1. What will the future food store look like, on-line, physical, both?
  2. How will this affect food packaging? Design, Sustainability, Branding.
  3. How will this affect the distribution channels for food?


The Open Innovation Challenge has two (2) parts:

  1. A digital version using the mobile app IdeaSwipe
    Everyone can participate and submit your ideas related to the three challenges presented in the app (see below)
  2. An on-site version open to Students only
    In addition to joining the Digital version we invite students to participate in the on-site workshops on June 1:st, held at Ideon Agora, Scheelevägen 15, LUND. Read more>


How to get involved:

  1. Install the mobile application IdeaSwipe
    Download the app via AppStore or Google Play
    Check out the introduction
  2. Recieve invitations to the three challenges
    Once you installed the app and registred an account within the app you will recieve invitations within the app to the event-challenges where you can contribuate with ideas. This will be done by us, please await your invitations.
  3. Submit your ideas and refine & comment on others
    Exciting ideawork! Generate ideas and comment on others ideas with IdeaSwipe before and durig the event!

The digital edition of the challenges will open on May 1:st and run until May 31:st. The ideas will constitute the starting point for the workshop held on June 1:st.

During the conference the top 5 ideas will be presented and you can vote for your favorite. Additional development of the ideas can take place post-conference, in the application, or in other ways.

Remember to check out the introduction to IdeaSwipe
Send email to if you need assistance with the IdeaSwipe app.

* Not yet registred at the conference? Register here