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For Students

-the digital edition using IdeaSwipe-

Welcome dear student. Your participation is highly appreciated and we hope this will be inspirational and a boost for your creative skills and give you insights into a few useful tools and methods, aimed for strutured brainstorms!

Road map/dates

On May 31:th we have a 90 min introduction whereas we run thru the workshop agenda for June 1:st and teach you how to use the different tools for ideation, selection and presentation.

On June 1:st we run Workshop session 1, 2 and 3 (*)

Agenda for a session

  • Cluster the received ideas
  • Generate new ideas using tools
  • Select & Prioritize
  • Develop & Refine selected ideas
  • Package for presentation
  • Present the top 5 ideas for the audience/plenum


The Packaging of Tomorrow Challenge touches upon the way in which products are being packaged and how this will be effected by different trends. On June 1:st we will be running workshops related to three of these trends, with a special focus on food packing.

  1. What will the future food store look like, on-line, physical, both?
  2. How will this affect food packaging? Design, Sustainability, Branding.
  3. How will this affect the distribution channels for food?

We will meet at [to be decided] on May 31:th and the workshops are held at [to be decided] on June 1:st

Session start:
The sessions start at 9, 11 and 13 and presentations of the top 5 ideas are done at the end of each session

(*) For all three sessions conference delegates have had the chance to submit their ideas using the mobile application IdeaSwipe. You have the same opportunity starting on May 1:st. This way we can get a kick-start for the workshops. They will run for only 60 min each.

Ideaswipe, the mobile application can be downloaded from Apple´s App-Store or Google Play.

To get started with IdeaSwipe view the introduction

You can also mail or phone +46 (0) 31 760 54 00 if you need assistance






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