Don't settle for traditional ideas. Use IdeaSwipe to collaborate with others in real-time and cultivate disruptive thought.

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Many companies lack a smooth way to crowdsource creative ideas from their employees. Having facilitated 600+ creative brainstorming sessions, my company, Realize AB, thought it was time to bring some of our best tools to the Mobile App world. We've digitized strategies like idea cards and random words, packaged them in a stream of consciousness and enabled the harvesting of ideas in a social way. Our app is called IdeaSwipe. 

We only launched in late January 2016, and already we have thousands of users and 9 corporate test pilot installations. We've received great accolades from industry giants like Karl-Magnus Möller, Innovation Leader at Ericsson. Give IdeaSwipe a try; a review on it would be well-received if the feedback we've received is any indicator. 

Our creative feed produces incredible results, and it isn't just for companies. Friends can turn ideas into useful solutions for any scenario.


Thomas Hagbard

P.S. You can find my full app details below, in the App Store and a complete press kit here.

Innovation tends to happen when humans interact with each other about their ideas. To achieve this without face-to-face communication, a digital brainstorm is necessary. Enter IdeaSwipe--the ultimate medium for virtual creative collaboration. Invite collegues to work on ideas and solutions in real time. Share your thoughts via text, images and voice recordings. Get inspiration from the built-in thought triggers and move beyond traditional solutions. Use IdeaSwipe to rise above creative limitations and take your innovations to new heights.

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Increase Innovation
Manage multiple streams of creativity. Capture your ideas on the fly, collaborate with others and save the results for further action.
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Cultivate Disruptive Ideas
Use thought triggers to break out of the mental box. Help your mind find new approaches to ideas and solutions to complex problems. 
About The Developer

Realize AB works as facilitators and trainers in creative thinking and innovation. Since 1998, we have run 600+ workshops and educated over 9000 people in tools, methods and workprocesses to increase organizational innovative performance.

Over the years we have designed hands-on products based on our experience, e.g. board games for structured brainstorming.
Many companies lack a smooth way to use the crowd for sourcing and refining ideas. IdeaSwipe is our attempt to solve that. We have included some simple tools in the app for disruptive thinking--what we call "thought triggers" in the shape of idea cards and random words.
We launched the app late January 2016 and have a few thousand users: including 9 corporate testpilot installations. IdeaSwipe is designed to be the fuzzy front end to any creative and innovative process, and the result from collaboration in the app can be exported to project mgm system like Inventive board, MindManager, Trello etc.

Complete App Details
  • Real-time brainstorming. Receive live feedback and contributions from others. 
  • Built-in thought triggers to spark innovation.
  • Instant idea capturing via text, images and voice recording.
  • Creative profile with stats and a breakdown of whom you best collaborate with.
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Thomas Hagbard / Erik Valvring
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Realize AB
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05 February 2016
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