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IdeaSwipe is your personal Idea Book.

A container for any idea that might pop up in your head, and they do, on a frequent basis, we know.

Ideas saved here cannot been seen by anyone else unless you decide to share them Refine them when you have time or inspiration to do so, your descretion



A collaboration space

IdeaSwipe is a safe place to share ideas with friends and colleagues, or to present a challenge you want their input on.

Only those who you invite can see and contribute. All of them can comment, refine and vote for their favorite idea and see eachothers contributions.

A truly fast way to find solutions

A Creative Toolbox

IdeaSwipe has integrated tools for disruptive and radical thinking You have thought-triggers to use for thinking out-side-the-box.

Just shake your phone and a new tought-trigger will appear.

New Thoughts – New Ideas



Live feed New ideas

IdeaSwipe makes sure you stay updated. New ideas and challenges appear instant in your feed.

Same applies for LIVE brainstorms and friend requests, for you to accept or decline.

Creativity will be top of your mind

A Live Brainstorm

IdeaSwipe makes it easy to work in the same way as in any creative meeting.

Invite colleagues to a 30 min LIVE brainstorming in your smart phone. You have instant access to everyones ideas and experience, to solve an urgent challenge wihout meeting.

People can vote to help you choose a winner



Follow Your Progress

IdeaSwipe provides you with statistics so you can follow your creative progress, as well as your group´s.

Based on what type of contribution you make your creative profile will update.

Now you know what to improve, to be a more innovative person

Your Own Idea Crowd

IdeaSwipe makes it possible for everyone that you invite, to post new invitations.

That way you have access to the best idea crowd you can image in no time.

You are not restricted to people inside your own organization and you will soon have a network of highly devoted and smart people to help you.