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reviews reviews reviews

Dear creative friends

we are in the process to collect reviews from users and profesional reviewers.
And we are trhrilled with the inital once. People really find IdeaSwipe useful
and ideas starts to develop into smart solutions and innovations.

Great, that´s what we intended

here are three sites to visit to read a few reviews

IdeaSwipe for iPhone Lets You Collaborate to Solve Challenges

IdeaSwipe iPhone App Will Help You To Brainstorm Anywhere Anytime

if you like to rate Ideawipe here is where to go:

in advance THANK YOU

your IdeaSwipe Team



please share with friends

There are trillions of things to do, to succeed in the app-market. One is to inspire people to help grow the installed base.
Here´s a short film explaining IdeaSwipe in 99 seconds!
We hope it will help you inspire people to join YOUR Idea Crowd and turn YOUR ideas into great solutions.

Please feel free to share it as often as you like.



Here´s the link to the swedish version IdeaSwipe på 99 sekunder
Here´s the link to the english version  IdeaSwipe in 99 seconds

We have been really successful attracting large organizations to test the application to crowd source ideas, on a large scale. That includes members of a community, potential customers, local citizens and other loosely connected groups that share only a common interest. That is really encouraging. And it´s free of charge. We are happy to make this contribution to collaboration cross culture, age, gender and location.

The journey goes on. Thanks for joining it.

your IdeaSwipe Team




Looking Good!

At least that’s our intention with our new website.
Visit and give us your verdict.

We have good hope to land some additional funding not too far off, meaning that we will be able to speed up our development a few steps.



We are having discussions with a no of idea management system vendors
related to integration with IdeaSwipe. That gives you a great opportunity to
turn you best ideas into early phase development projects. More to come.

This week we launch a Pilote/test for an Open Challenge.
As we have a majority of Swedish users it will relate to a
domestic problem domain, in Swedish only.


There are two (2) steps involved

  1. You make a friend request with the user Challenge in IdeaSwipe under menu Me/Jag
  2. You will get an invite in IdeaSwipe for the open challenge for you to join accept or decline!


The three best ideas will win a suitable Summer Gift

Until next time – keep up your good work and stay Creative


Best regards

Your IdeaSwipe Team



We are Global!

Well not really, but we do have users on all continents now. That’s cool.

  1. The Android version is in progress and just a few weeks away, well keep you posted
  2. We have our first review
  1. Initial social innovation challenge

Next month we plan to roll out a social innovation challenge just to see how it works with hundreds of contributors. We have some candidates for challenges but we are still open for suggestions from you guys, hit us with your ideas

Upon request

People have asked for new creative tools, in addition to the idea cards available today. So we plan to add another deck of cards for you to use to trigger new thoughts and ideas. Keep you posted.

Great response

We increased the no of users of the Idea Cards by 250% during the campaign. It probably means that it’s
a welcomed feature of IdeaSwipe.

Thanks for using the cards and being creative with IdeaSwipe.



Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

We are soon 1000 users of the IdeaSwipe application, in just 3,5 weeks.
We are overwhelmed by your engagement and support.

Some of you have taken your time not only to give us feedback on pro´s & con´s
with the App (of course there are things to improve) But you have also shared How
you use it and the success you have encountered. Once again thanks.

As a small benefit for you early adopters we like to pay back by:
cutting the price for The Idea Trigger Cards by 100% until February 21:st

The Idea Cards you use to trigger New thoughts à New ideas à New solutions.
The pack contains 70 different cards (only 7 in the free version of the app) so you will never be bored again.

For all you guys having friends running on the Android platform, it´s on its way.

We wish you a creative week and don’t miss out on getting the Idea Trigger Cards FREE OF CHARGE

 PS there is a simple Getting Started film on the site ds



Dear creative colleague,

It´s two weeks since we launched the application.
We are incredibly happy that you take your time and test IdeaSwipe and give us feedback.
We have now way passed 500 installations and look forward to the following 500.

Soon you will probably start inviting friends to joint and brainstorm. To make it easy
for your colleagues, friends and co-workers to get started, we have made a simple intro-film

Here is the english version of it:

Social innovation

If you have suggestions for an open challenge e.g. related to social innovation that you want to
share just start a challenge and invite Realize AB (user in the app) and we can coordinate and
make that open to all relevant users in a timely manner. Your suggestions are welcome.