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Looking Good!

At least that’s our intention with our new website.
Visit www.ideaswipeapp.se and give us your verdict.

We have good hope to land some additional funding not too far off, meaning that we will be able to speed up our development a few steps.



We are having discussions with a no of idea management system vendors
related to integration with IdeaSwipe. That gives you a great opportunity to
turn you best ideas into early phase development projects. More to come.

This week we launch a Pilote/test for an Open Challenge.
As we have a majority of Swedish users it will relate to a
domestic problem domain, in Swedish only.


There are two (2) steps involved

  1. You make a friend request with the user Challenge in IdeaSwipe under menu Me/Jag
  2. You will get an invite in IdeaSwipe for the open challenge for you to join accept or decline!


The three best ideas will win a suitable Summer Gift

Until next time – keep up your good work and stay Creative


Best regards

Your IdeaSwipe Team